Scott Family Tells NEW LIE After Video Disproves Their First One

Charlotte, North Carolina, has been the scene of unrelenting riots ever since Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by police on Tuesday. Since then, businesses have been looted, properties have been burned and innocent people have been injured. All for a lie.

Scott’s family immediately came forward saying he was reading a book when he was killed, obviously in order to portray him as a non-threatening victim. However, this was quickly disproven when investigators found a gun at the scene, yet no book.

Instead of calling off the violent protests being waged across the city, though, the family simply invented a new lie to tell the gullible agitators and their supporters in the media. Now, they are saying that the 43-year-old was “calmly walking backwards” with his hands at his side when he was shot.

Of course, dash cam footage shows nothing of the sort. It does, however, show Scott brandishing a weapon and posing an “obvious threat” to officers.┬áThe Scott family was allowed to view this footage, yet still has decided to perpetuate a lie.

If you recall, this is precisely what happened after the shooting of Michael Brown. A false narrative was born and an accompanying slogan – Hands Up, Don’t Shoot –┬ábefore all the facts of the case came out. Once that narrative was disproven, no one packed up their molotov cocktails and went home; they just kept right on rioting.

You see, the truth doesn’t matter to the people. If it did, they’d be protesting the black-on-black violence which claims exponentially more lives in their communities than the police do.

Tell us what you think of the Scott family’s new lie in the comments section.

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