Shocked Man Captures VIDEO To Prove What Cops Are Doing To Rioters

SHOTS FIRED! NC Gov Declares Emergency After Indiscriminate Violence, Gunshots

This man was determined to expose the truth of how Charlotte, NC cops treat rioters…

Charlotte has been in shambles for three days now in the aftermath of the Keith Scott shooting. Police have been out in full force to deal with the chaos.

Conservative Tribune reports:

Business owners and workers who have been affected were still in the process of cleaning things up, but things were being made a little easier by the brave men and women who were the very target of the riots — the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

Dave Fahrety of WSOC-TV had gone into the city with his camera to see what was happening and couldn’t believe it when he saw policemen not only protecting the people who were cleaning up, but stopping to help them.

This is not the only example of police officers stepping up to help people.

The damage is extensive in many downtown areas.

Or course, concerned citizens are getting involved as well.

The events in Charlotte are truly tragic, and people are starting to weigh in. North Carolina Panther’s Cam Newton is one of them.

Cam Newton is a hero in Charlotte and he just dropped this BOMB on Black Lives Matter rioters! I wonder how Colin Kaepernick feels about it?

Hopefully, now that a few days have passed, things will settle down in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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