[VIDEO] Residents In Shock As Philly Man Firebombs A Muslim’s Car

[VIDEO] Residents In Shock As Philly Man Firebombs A Muslim's Car

Did this man deserve what happened, ON US SOIL?

Tensions are high in some American cities this week, and not just from racial tensions between blacks and whites. Last night, Philadelphia residents were witness to a horrific act involving a Muslim man.

Shoebat reports:

Americans are fed up with Islam and Muslims, so expect more of these attacks in the future. In this recent incident in Philadelphia, a man threw a firebomb into the car of a Muslim man while shouting ‘There you go, Muslim!’:

The incident reportedly happened around 5am and the witness added the victims skin was burning.

FeministaJones continued: “Then kept hearing loud pops so I went to the door. Neighbours were helping the man because his skin was burning. He lost some of it.

“Went to the corner and saw the whole car on fire. After firetrucks come, he talks to them and then talks to us.

“He describes a car pulling up and someone inside saying ‘There you go, Muslim’ before throwing something into his car.”

It is believed the injured man was rushed to hospital after the incident, however police have yet to comment. (source)

There is also cell phone video of the attack:

Video caption: An explosive believed to be a firebomb has been thrown into a car – allegedly while the driver was still sitting inside.
It is also believed that the victim alleged the suspect shouted ‘There you go, Muslim’, before throwing the device into the vehicle. The car has been almost completely destroyed by the suspected bomb after it set on fire. It has been reported that the incident took place in North Philadelphia this morning at approximately 5am. The video was recorded by a witness, going under the username @FeministaJones, who said: “Heard a huge explosion. Didn’t know what it was. Then heard a man yelling saying his skin was burning.

There are a lot of holes in this story and suspicious themes. It is entirely possible the part about ‘There you go, Muslim’ was an outright lie in order to gain sympathy as though this were a “hate crime” when in reality it was just an act of vengeance for another unrelated reasons. Muslims are known for this kind of lying in the past, so it would not be the first time. This suspicious becomes even more apparent with the name of the person who first blogged about this story, a so-called “FeministaJones.” After all, there is a well-documented alliance between leftist/feminists and Muslims.

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Should this be considered an act of terror? There is certainly more to the story that we do not know. We will stay tuned to the issue and provide updates as we have them.

This firebomb story has taken place in the background, as the riots in North Carolina have dominated the news for the last few days.

Below is another example of a horrific act taking place on American soil.

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We are praying for peace in all of these situations.

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