[Watch] Hacker Group Make DIY EpiPen for $30, Putting Greedy Pharma to Shame

In response to the massive price increase on EpiPens made by Mylan, a hacker group by the name of Four Thieves Vinegar set out to prove the cost of the device is severely inflated. The group was successful and the EpiPen was made for about 30.00 with completely “off the shelf” products, a far cry from the over 300.00 price tag asked for by big pharma.

While using this DIY device is not suggested due to the lack of regulation, the company proved that the only thing keeping people from getting the intervention they need is greed, pure and simple.

MIT has the full story:


The recent furor over the drug company Mylan jacking up the price of lifesaving EpiPens has brought out the biohackers. A team of DIY enthusiasts calling themselves Four Thieves Vinegar have published plans that will allow anyone to build a device to self-inject epinephrine on the cheap.

EpiPens are meant as a last-ditch measure to ward off anaphylaxis—a potentially fatal allergic reaction that can result from exposure to anything from peanuts to insect stings. The drug itself is over 100 years old, but the device makes it easy for anyone to inject, which is an attractive proposition when flirting with death.

The pharmaceutical company Mylan, which is the only manufacturer of the device, was recently shown to have raised the prices of a single device from $57 to $318—that’s a 461 percent increase—since acquiring rights to it in 2007. The backstory is a bizarre tale that involves corporate greed, Congress, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Sadly, the cost prevents some people from having access to an incredibly reliable way to treat anaphylaxis.

There are several reasons why nobody else has built an alternative to the EpiPen, among them patent protection, fear of creating a device that doesn’t work reliably, and a regulatory process that makes getting products to market incredibly difficult.

Mylan did bow (a little) to public pressure, announcing a new generic EpiPen that costs $150 for a single device. But industry insiders have suggested that the components of an EpiPen cost only around $30.

And Four Thieves Vinegar, a collective that was founded to create tools for DIY medicine, has now shown that to be accurate.


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