[WATCH] Woman In Pajamas Sends 3 Armed Robbers Running

[WATCH] Woman In Pajamas Sends 3 Armed Robbers Running

Dramatic surveillance video shows how fast they ran from her, with debris flying!

Incredible surveillance video captures a Georgia woman turning the tables on three armed people who broke into her home.

The video shows the three burglars breaking in through the front door of the home – packed with supplies for a restaurant owned by the couple living there. They spread out and all three are seen holding guns.
Next on the video they are literally fleeing for their lives with bullets and drywall debris flying around them. The woman, wearing slippers and pajamas, is firing repeatedly at them with her own handgun.

They scramble quickly out of the home, with one suspect literally breaking through a glass door to escape.

A suspect wearing a wig was struck in the torso and died on the home’s driveway, police said. The other two got away, but police are reviewing the tape to try to catch them.

The incident happened Sept. 16 just before 4 a.m. in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

“She exercised her right to defend her livelihood and property,” said Cpl. Deon Washington with the Gwinnett County Police.

Police say that video like this, with multiple angles, is rare, and they hope that someone will recognize the two robbers who escaped.

Watch below:

Other angles were released on Twitter.

We all admire women like this, don’t we? Here is another:

[WATCH] Armed Robbery In My House But My Girlfriend Shoots

My girlfriend asked the guy to identify himself – she shouted “Craven?” – this all happened off camera – as there is no sound, it is pointless to show this – the field of view to the left is mainly the front door – not the bedroom or TV side, so a lot happens off-camera. The guy then moved towards her – this is also off camera as the doorway is on quite a large landing.

What would you do if an invader enters your home?

Wikihow has some suggestions:

Most burglars that break into homes are out for cash, jewelry and electronics. Many are driven by addiction, looking for a quick buck. However, a few of them break in with intentions to hurt you or your family. Or worse. Although most petty burglars would be deterred by people in the home, some might think that no one is home and be wrong, some just don’t care. The thing is when you wake up to strange sounds or footsteps and come to the horrible realization that a stranger is in your house, you don’t know their intentions. This is why it is important to know how to safely protect yourself and your family if a potentially harmful situation such as a burglary or home invasion occurs. So what do you do? Just follow this article.

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SOURCE: [ABC7, WikiHow]

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