Government Attacks Off-Grid Living, Camping on Your Own Property is Now Illegal

The off the grid lifestyle has come under attack in recent years. As more and more people attempt to live simply and free from government reliance, the government took that as their cue to force them back on the grid with more ridiculous regulations. One such regulation is forcing people off their own land.

As our liberty continues to erode, the government takes pleasure not only in taking freedom but forcing people into poverty.

In CO alone, it is estimated that over 800 people are choosing this lifestyle and live completely free of government interference and reliance. This isn’t just happening in CO, but all over the United States and zoning officials are making these people’s lives more difficult. In some instances, jail time has been threatened if people collect rainwater or choose to not be hooked up to city utilities.

A huge influx of people has headed to San Louis Valley because of the lax zoning laws, the cheap land and the fact that there is already an established community of off-grid living. There was heated debate at a recent commissioners meeting that essentially places so many regulations on off-grid living, residents are being forced off their own land and back on the grid. The county is also refusing to renew RV and “small house” living ┬ápermits, making people homeless.

People are angry and feel cheated out of their home when we live in such desperate times. According to one, “we are being regulated out of life”.

They couldn’t be anymore right. The government should have NO right to force you to live anywhere you don’t want toor off your OWN land. This is a perfect example of government overreach and it needs to be stopped.




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