Man Wears GoPro In Attempt To Leap From Hotel Roof To Pool

Man Wears GoPro In Attempt To Leap From Hotel Roof To Pool

Will this guy be up for the Darwin award? At least he is brave…

Some guy with the brilliant idea of leaping off the top of a hotel into the pool below caught the whole thing on video with a GoPro.

The footage starts off with the man climbing up the stairs to the roof of what appears to be the fourth floor.

Evel Knievel can be heard breathing heavily as he looks around and prepares for his incredible leap of faith.

The guy then approaches the railing and climbs over it to get onto the ledge.

When he looks down he appears to have about 15-20 feet of concrete he needs to clear to land safely in the pool.

Einstein then jumps off and just barely misses becoming a Darwin Award winner.

He gets out of the pool as quickly as he can, hops the fence and runs off.

Watch the craziness for yourself:

If you think that was crazy, check out what one of our Presidential candidates just did.

Does she expect us to believe this?

VIDEO Proof Shows That Hillary’s Rally Is A Green Screen FAKE

Evidently, this story above is not the first time. Do you think this is happening all over the country?

At a Hillary Rally in Pittsburgh, PA people were strategically placed in bleachers and along sidelines to give the appearance of a bigger crowd and where encouraged to cheer louder. Surge in Hillary’s Polls? More like Hollywood stage craft performed on a set.

How many people are turning out for Trump rallies? Here is what happened at the Estoro, Florida rally. A small town, obviously. Have you ever heard of it?

ESTERO, Fla. — The first of about 8,000 people expected for Donald Trump’s rally poured in shortly before noon Monday, when doors at Germain Arena opened to a throng that had waited outside for hours.

The event begins at 3 p.m. Free tickets ran out on Trump’s website Friday, and resellers were hawking them Monday for as much as $600 on Craigslist.

Security is tight, as Secret Service agents, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and SWAT teams collaborate on the event. Authorities wouldn’t elaborate on their plans for traffic patterns in the area, but delays are expected, and drivers not attending the rally are cautioned to avoid the intersection of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway and Corkscrew Road.

The School District of Lee County advised parents that congestion could lead to afternoon bus delays.

The Trump event has no reserved seating, so spots are available to ticketholders on a first-come, first-served basis. Overflow parking is available in the adjacent Miromar Outlets lot.

Are you starting to get the feeling that the media, and obviously, the Clinton Campaign, have some serious explaining to do?

The phenomenon of small turnout for Hillary rallies is not a new one. Reports were that the entire Democrat National Convention consisted largely of paid protesters. Of course, in that case, they locked out the Sanders crowd.

Is the Clinton Campaign deceiving us? Decide for yourself…


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