OUCH! Colin Kaepernick Just Got an “Award” That NOBODY Wants

The aftermath of Kaepernick’s controversial decision to kneel during the national anthem has given him multiple doses of bad news.

Not only has Kaepernick been denied playing time due to his semi-sub par performance, but his popularity among Americans and NFL fans has suffered dramatically.


A recent online poll has revealed that the 49ers backup quarterback has been chosen by football fans as the “most disliked player in the NFL.”

The poll, conducted by E-Poll Market Research, found that 29 percent of respondents labeled Kaepernick a player they “disliked a lot,” 23 percentage points more than he received in the same poll two years ago.

Kaepernick’s receipt of this “award” was undoubtedly caused by his refusal to respect the American flag and the national anthem because of what he perceived as “injustice” shown toward the black community by law enforcement and the judicial process; however Among African-Americans, Kaepernick has never been more popular. The poll shows 42 percent of African-Americans now say they like the 49ers quarterback “a lot,” while only 2 percent dislike him “a lot.” Two years ago, only 16 percent of African-Americans said they liked Kaepernick “a lot,” while 3 percent disliked him “a lot.”

As Americans, we should all respect the rights of those who choose to exercise the right to protest — a right Kaepernick certainly has — but Kaepernick’s methods of voicing his concerns have been anything but respectable to the men and women who have served this great country.

H/T: ESPN, Breitbart

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