40 Black Lives Matter Thugs: ‘F*ck the Police, N**ga’

40 Black Lives Matter Thugs: 'F*ck the Police, N**ga'

The mob of 40 Black Lives Matter criminals attacked the California Highway Patrol vehicle, setting off a series of after-effects…

A California Highway Patrol Officer attempted to pull over a suspected reckless driver in Fresno on Sunday. A group of black people swarmed the car, shouting racially charged obscenities as they attacked.

Shouts of, “F*ck the police n**ga” could be heard. “We run the streets mothaf*cker…” The cries of “f*ck the police” is common among leftists and Black Lives Matter protesters.

Sunday afternoon, a Fresno intersection was partially blocked, with a large crowd gathered and vehicles moving in a reckless manner. The crowd became a unified mob and surrounded the Highway Patrol Officer’s SUV as the officer attempted to clear the intersection and deal with reckless drivers.

This situation devolved into chaos. Vehicles started to rev their engines and speed away. There are multiple video angles (below) of the frenzied mess.

The Highway Patrolman was not injured. Those responsible face a number of felony charges, among them: assault and vandalism. The vehicle sustained damages of up to $12,000.

Suspects have been identified by authorities. A number of witness have spoken, and an event of this magnitude will take some time to sort out.

Watch the videos of the Black Lives Matter mob’s animalistic behavior below:

A video is going viral from a sideshow in Fresno of a CHP vehicle being kicked repeatedly before the officer speeds off. The video was posted with the hashtag #Bay2Fresno. What do you think?

UPDATE from the Fresno Bee: “The CHP officer was patrolling the area when he approached a crowd of 40 people who were surrounding a white Chevrolet Tahoe doing doughnuts. As the officer got out of his vehicle to approach the driver, the Tahoe sped off. The officer got back in his SUV to chase the Tahoe, but the crowd surrounded the vehicle and began damaging it. Casto said it was unclear what the crowd used, but they managed to break several windows.”

Here is another view of the event:

How can President Obama and others continue to support a group of people who behave in such a disgusting manner?

We are just glad that the officer was not hurt in this case.


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