Cam Newton’s Pre-Game Shirt SHOUTS TO THE ‘RACIST’ WORLD

Cam Newton's Pre-Game Shirt SHOUTS TO THE 'RACIST' WORLD

Has Cam Newton reversed his position on Black Lives Matter? Some people are not going to be happy about this…

After the riots in Charlotte exploded, following the shooting of Keith Scott, a black man who allegedly pointed a gun at police, North Carolina Panther’s Quarterback had strong words for Black Lives Matter, other protesters, and certainly for the rioters.

He even went so far as to refer to them as “hypocrites.”

Watch his words, from just a few days ago, below:

[VIDEO] North Carolina QB Cam Newton Drops the ‘H’ Word On Rioters

Perhaps Newton is doing his best to maintain a reasonable, balanced approach to the controversy? He has indicated that any comments that he may offer on the issue will be a “lose-lose” scenario for him.

Days after the press conference where Newton, used the word “hypocrites” in speaking about the behavior of some black people, he appears to be offering an apparent acknowledgement to the concerns of protesters who continue to speak out in Charlotte and across America.

He also said that the shooting event was, “embarrassing,” and that it revealed a “state of oppression” in the community.

Prior to kickoff in yesterday’s game in Charlotte, Newton wore a shirt that featured a quote from Martin Luther King Junior.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -MLK

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 9.10.51 AM

The Panther’s game against the Vikings was deemed an “extraordinary event” by the city of Charlotte. A city ordinance placed certain restrictions on the spectacle, reportedly to minimize the threat of violence from protesters as the North Carolina city tries to return to normal.

Security was, of course, beefed up for the game.

Reports indicate that large protests were conducted, but they were peaceful, and police were able to maintain control over the crowds.

What do you think of Cam Newton’s statements, and of his pre-game shirt’s message?

He is a leader in the community, so his influence matters.

Perhaps he is doing his best to be a positive voice in a wildly controversial scenario. Perhaps time will tell.


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