New VIDEO Emerges With Graphic Details Of Houston Shooter’s Scheme

New VIDEO Emerges, Reveals Horrifying Timeline Of Houston Shooter's Scheme

Who is the Houston shooter Nathan Desai?

At, 6:29AM, the Houston Fire Department dispatched to Weslayan and Bissonnet to provide medical care for those who had been shot.

The active shooter situation was still underway, however, and over the next thirty minutes, nine people were hit. At this time, one is in critical condition and another is seriously injured.

Police shot the suspect, Nathan Desai, at 7:02AM.

The following video outlines the horrific timeline:

Who was the shooter, Nathan Desai?

We have learned that he was a disgruntled lawyer who clearly snapped. DeSai’s Porsche was being searched by the Houston Police Department Bomb Squad, who found the vehicle registered to him. The vehicle contained a large number of weapons, so police used a bomb robot to complete the search.

DeSai’s father confirmed that his son lived near the site of the shooting event, and that he did drive a black Porsche. His father went on to say that DeSai was upset by a downturn in his law firm’s business. The firm was actually resolved six months ago, for unknown reasons. DeSai had been running his personal law practice from his home.

According to, Nathan DeSai practiced law at McDaniel and DeSai, LLP, with his one-time partner, Kenneth McDaniel. DeSai worked mostly in family law and some criminal cases. The landlord who leased office space to the firm stated that a decline in business had forced them to vacate.

DeSai had practiced law in Texas for 17 years after earning his law degree at the University of Tulsa.

It is rumored that DeSai had an argument with a roofing company a few weeks prior to this morning’s incident, and that he waved an AR-15 in the air without firing it.

At this time, it is unclear what may have caused DeSai to snap and go on a shooting spree.

We will continue to report details as we have them.



SOURCE: [ABC13, ABC13, Heavy]

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