[WATCH] Black Lives Matter Discovers KKK’s David Duke At Protest

[WATCH] Black Lives Matter Discovers KKK's David Duke At Protest

They met to tear down a “racist” statue, then saw that “KKK Wizard Duke” was there. What did he think that a bunch of BLM protesters would do if they discovered him?

New Orleans –  Sunday morning, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters met to oppose a statue of President Andrew Jackson. They feel that the statue is representative of racism and needs to be removed. The event, in Jackson Square, took a turn, when KKK Grand Wizard and former politician David Duke arrived, presumably to heckle and “troll” the event. Duke has been described as the state of Louisiana’s “most reviled white supremacist politician.”

Duke’s presence at the protest did not last very long. In fact, as soon as protesters discovered him, they started chanting, “Racist, fascist, anti-gay. Right-wing bigot, go away!”

More than one hundred protesters attempted to chase Duke away from the area, and many recorded the event on the phones. They all fell upon the Grand Wizard, and verbally convinced him to leave. Wisely, David Duke left Jackson Square quickly.

After leaving the event, Duke stated that Andrew Jackson was one of America’s forefathers (a fact that few actually believe) and affirmed that the statue should definitely remain on display.

David Duke makes the occasional statement about modern politics, and recently Donald Trump was motivated to disavow any knowledge of Duke and his possible meddling in the 2016 Presidential race.

Mike Pence, Trump’s choice for Vice President, was asked if David Duke is deplorable, a word borrowed from Hillary Clinton’s now famous statement that Trump supporters are a “basket of deplorables.” Pence declined to use the word, likely a good call for someone in his position.

Is David Duke brave, or just plain stupid, for attending a Black Lives Matter event? Seems a risky move, to me.

Watch the hilarity below:


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