[WATCH] Black Lives Matter Protesters Meet Redneck Big Diesel

[WATCH] Black Lives Matter Protesters Meet Redneck Big Diesel

Black Lives Matter loves to block the road. People are sick of it and sometimes even run them over. Or they resort to Redneck Technology…

Do you think these guys with a big truck were in the wrong? People are fed up, sick and tired of Black Lives Matter. On the other hand, Americans have the right to protest.

In this case, Aaron Gettel of Hagerstown, Maryland, decides to follow his friend’s big diesel truck and narrate as they have a little fun with #BLM.

As you can see, the protesters are none too pleased, and they start to hurl obscenities and bottles at the diesel truck.

Gettel can be heard saying, “I like when there’s white people at a Black Lives Matter protest.” One Facebook user, Lawrence Hester, uploaded the video, and angrily commented, “this video just goes to show how much respect we don’t get and how we are really viewed.”

While this is a mean trick, it is hard for me to listen to a Black Lives Matter activist complain about respect. Where is their respect when they block the roads, and keep innocent people from going to work? Even worse, where is the respect when their protests turn to violent riots, complete with shootings and lootings?

Take a look at the Redneck craziness below:

How did these guys pull this trick off, anyway? Apparently, they used a truck modification used by truck-driving “coal rollers.” Coal roalers modify their engines with smoke switches and smoke stacks. The amount of fuel that is dumped into the engine is modified, and when the driver punches the gas, a large plume of black smoke emerges.

Many coal rollers use the technique as a way to protest Environmental Policies and ideas that they do not agree with. Many place the words “Prius Repellant” on their rear windshields, indicating their political leanings.

Video below:

Some, in the EPA, says that coal rolling is illegal and that it violates the Clean Air Act.

Perhaps these guys should have put the words, “Black Lives Matter Repellant” on the rear windshield of their truck?



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