WATCH The Blockbuster Trump -Vs- Clinton Debate Live Stream HERE

Tonight’s ratings will be bigger than the Superbowl! Here are three different Live Stream Sources:

The rules have been set. Hillary will not get any breaks, for 90 minutes, even if she has a coughing fit. Trump has been advised to be on his best behavior. Supposedly, the moderators are going to ask “tough but fair” questions, and will serve as on site fact checkers.

There are so many things that could happen. Trump could say something outlandish. Hillary could have a medical issue on the air. Hillary could drop her top secret cheating earpiece onto the ground. The whole scene could devolve into a massive free-for-all.

Or, the debate could be humdrum and boring, but we doubt it.

I will watch this one instead of Monday Night Football. Will you?

If you are on the road, or would like to see the debate on a tablet, phone, or computer, below are three great choices for live-streaming.

Bookmark and enjoy!




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