Woman Flips Off ‘Redneck’ Trump Supporter, Goes Bonkers, Records Everything

Woman Flips Off 'Redneck' Trump Supporter, Goes Bonkers, Records Everything

This insane liberal chick gave the finger to some guy minding his own business and wonders why she could possibly be the one instigating, Then the cop shows up…

So this was on her way to pick up her son from school, when she could not take one more sighting of a homeowner’s Trump signs, and his “Hillary For Prison” signs. She simply could not restrain herself any longer.

She says that she drives past the house daily, and when she saw the owner in the driveway, she had to take action. She describes the innocent man as a “big, ugly redneck guy.”

Why not just keep driving? Mind your own business?

She confesses that she “gave him the finger,” as the First Amendment permits. She says her friends would expect much worse from her.

So the supposed “motherf**cker,” as she describes him, got in his car and chased her. The man photographed her car and her license plate.

In perhaps the most illogical move in a series of stupid antics, she yelled at the man, “Back off, you f**ing racist.”

The woman went on to honk her horn and flash her lights, drawing the attention of a police officer. She claims that she did not want the innocent man to know where her son goes to school.

Unfortunately, the woman’s son was stuck waiting at school while this craziness unfolded.

The police officer approached the woman, who announced that she was recording the event for her “followers.”

The officer told her that she was causing a public disturbance, as the man lived in a school zone.

“My question is, why would you even go out of your way to do that?” the policeman asked.

“Because I am angry about the election, Sir,” she responded.

The officer responded that she was letting her emotions “take the benefit” of her.


The insane woman responded, “Move on? There is a racist, xenophobic maniac running for president and that guy is supporting him and if I give him the finger, that’s a peaceful. … My point is that I silently protested something I don’t agree with.”

The officer responded, “What you need to do is stay away from him. Don’t drive by his residence.” When the woman claimed she “has to” drive by his house, the officer warns her that the man has cameras “outside his house.”

“I would recommend that you just drive on next time,” the officer tells the woman. “Don’t start fights.”

Watch this crazy lady below:

America is home to all types, isn’t it?


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