DEBATE CHEATER: MORE Devices Seen In Hillary’s Outfit

DEBATE CHEATER: MORE Devices Seen In Hillary's Outfit

This is not the first time Hillary has done this, but perhaps it is the most outrageous…

Everyone from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders to the guys at the barber shop has been saying that the system is rigged, and that Hillary is cheating. Once again, the Internet has exploded with questions about Hillary’s outfits, and what mysterious devices she may be hiding.

First, the story broke about her “cheating earpiece.”

This type of earpiece is used for public speaking, and an off-camera source can feed answers as necessary.

Think it is a conspiracy theory? Look at what WikiLeaks found in Hillary’s hacked emails:

So the earpiece is something that Hillary and her minions should explain.

The first Presidential Debate of 2016 against Donald Trump presents new questions.

Some say it may be a microphone. Others say something to help with her cough. All along, it has been suspected that Hillary wears a catheter.

Video analysis shows a bizarre piece of metal falling from Hillary’s pant leg during her September 11th spell. It is shocking to watch her limp form being dragged into the van.

So, what is the truth about Hillary’s health? Could it simply be a case of pneumonia, as she and her doctor state?

We know that she fell and suffered a concussion and a blood clot. Some even think that she has Parkinson’s Disease. One doctor told me that her symptoms look similar to those of an alcoholic.

The truth is, it appeared that Donald Trump wanted to mention these things during the debate, but was holding back, a move that may have been wise.

Someone needs to find the truth.

Hillary may admit all of it.

No, she won’t.

It is up to We the People to do all we can to find out.


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