DEBATE CHEATING: Take A Look At Hillary’s Podium

DEBATE CHEATING: Take A Look At Hillary's Podium

The system was rigged against Bernie Sanders. Will the same cheating work against Trump? These pictures show how hard they are trying.

Hillary says that we are all, “Stronger Together.” If that is true, then why would she need to make things appear different than they actually are?

Hillary Clinton is 5 feet, 4 inches tall. Donald Trump is 6 feet, 3 inches tall. Is that an issue for you, as a voter? It certainly is not an issue for me.

Rita Cosby, formerly of Foxnews, and now with WABC, took a close look, and some pictures, of the two podiums used in the debate.

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong.


Cosby said that, clearly, one podium is larger.


Is this cheating? It seems disingenuous, at the least, as Lester Holt never bothered to announce it before the debate, when the other guidelines were being discussed.

Reportedly, Hillary’s team requested a step stool for her podium, fearing that she would be dwarfed by Donald Trump. The Debate Commission denied that particular request, but apparently agreed to allow her to have a custom built podium.

The disgust at this announcement started prior to the Debate.

Is it any wonder that Trump’s campaign manager referred to Hillary Clinton as, “The Babe Ruth of Cheating.”

I am starting to feel that this entire debate was just a media spectacle. Trump was on a lease, and tried his best to avoid saying anything obnoxious. He did not want to create a negative viral “sound bite.”

Hillary, on the other hand, quoted one Liberal cliche after another, from “Trump-up Trickle Down” to “Tax Cuts for the Super Rich.”

Hopefully, in the next debate, Trump will consistently repeat the truth: “The system is rigged.” Just like the podiums.


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