Obama: Surrender Sovereignty and Embrace the NWO

In his latest address to the United Nations, Obama urged Americans to embrace a One World Government. This seems to be the push by almost every politician and it really isn’t anything new.

Obama in his final address to the United Nations called for a “course correction” towards globalism. In other words, Obama called for the New World Order to rise through globalism. The difference between now and then? The vast majority of people are no longer paying attention. Politicians are taking globalism, wrapping it in a pretty white bow, and selling it as the answer to the current division happening all over the United States.

Of course Obama continued to read from the NWO playbook and brought up climate change, another made up problem to successfully manipulate society in the direction they want them. Bernie Suarez calls this the “Problem-reaction-solution” or the Hegelian dialectic, a method used by the elite to change the direction of society.   The solution is where they insert their plan and they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

Listen closely to Obama’s speech and don’t be fooled by the pretty words.


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