Party of the Danes: Protect Yourself Against Refugees With “Asylum Spray”

The party of the Danes has launched a new spray called “asylum spray” and it is intended to protect women from refugees. Pepper spray is illegal in Denmark so the cans have been labeled as “hairspray” with the hopes of preventing rape.

The Danes party, which hopes to be recognized as an actual political party in the future, was giving them out for free to women in the area of Haderslev.

While some found the idea genious, many hated it and said it was a “sick” idea.

The Danes party insisted that they were not trying to cause trouble, but leading parties in Denmark are demanding legal action. The Danes plan to continue handing out the spray anyway.

How can an idea be sick if it is preventing the rape of innocent women who otherwise would have no ability to protect themselves?  Sad day when we have to sacrifice our safety for tolerance.

DC reports:

The Party of the Danes has launched an “asylum spray” for women who want to protect themselves against refugees.

The asylum spray, which is simply relabeled hairspray since pepper spray is illegal, is meant for women who need to protect themselves from getting raped. The Party of the Danes posted up at a square Saturday in the town of Haderslev to hand out the cans, but most locals declined the offer.

“I think it’s sick,” Helle Byg said when she was offered a can, according to TV Syd. “I’m so angry. I can’t find words for how angry I am.”

A total of 137 women grabbed a can, and some of them were happy with the initiative.

“It’s great. It matches bloody well with my attitudes and opinions,” Diana Nielsen told TV Syd. “It is after all them [refugees] who we are protecting ourselves against at the moment.”

The Party of the Danes is a nationalist party that hopes to enter the parliament after the next election. The leading parties in Denmark demand legal action against the people who handed out the cans, but the Party of the Danes insists it’s not out to provoke people.


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