MORE DEBATE CHEATING: Video Claims To Expose Hidden Device In Hillary’s Podium

Polls show that most people think Hillary is dishonest. Then videos like this one appear, adding fuel to the fire! Decide for yourself…

The lists of lies goes on forever.

Hillary never supported a border wall, except for the time that she did. She fully complied with the FBI to the best of her ability. She did not mishandle classified information. She is in perfect health. Well, not perfect, she only has pneumonia, but she is seen unconscious, being drug into a van.

These are only a few and we could go on all day.

Then come the debates, will allegations of cheating. She has been accused of wearing an earpiece.

She has been accused of wearing all manner of hidden devices.

DEBATE CHEATER: MORE Devices Seen In Hillary’s Outfit

Her debate podium has already been in the news more than once.

DEBATE CHEATING: Take A Look At Hillary’s Podium

People say that the debate moderator, Lester Holt, took it easy on Hillary, while receiving hand signals from her, and leaned heavily on Trump.

Now another controversy surrounding Hillary’s debate performance has come to light. As stated earlier, it has been public knowledge that Hillary’s podium was constructed differently than Trump’s. Here are a couple of pictures for comparison of the two podiums.



Presumably, Hillary’s larger podium is to compensate for the height difference between her and Donald Trump. Hillary is five feet, four inches tall. Trump is six feet, three inches tall.

Now a video has emerged, from cowemoji, purporting that Hillary had a hidden teleprompter in her podium. With most of the camera angles being what they were, most viewers at home would not have seen some of these details without a closer look.

Take a look at the video, and after watching and considering the commentary, decide for yourself.

Video caption:¬†Hillary’s podium may have had a teleprompter built in, and the cameras caught it on live TV. Other sneakiness was going on, and one of Hillary’s assistants hurried to grab her notebook off the podium as the debate ended, and handed it to the moderator, while seeming to nod ‘thank you’.

What do you think? Did she cheat? Again?


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