40 Thugs Swarm Police Cruiser, Instantly Transform Into Bowling Pins

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer has never seen anything like what happened to a California Highway Patrol officer in his 37 years of service.

The unnamed officer was patrolling the area of North and Orange avenues, when he noticed several cars driving recklessly as part of what appeared to be a street race.

When the officer tried to intervene, he was ambushed by a mob of dozens of thugs, who began kicking the vehicle, punching out windows and trying to pull the officer out onto the street.

A witness captured it all on tape…

Though the officer was able to get away unscathed, the ambush caused $12,000 in damage to his car. Once he hit the gas and sped off, his attackers were scene scattering like a bunch of bowling pins, some even falling to the ground.

“We’re going to identify as many people as possible that were involved in this incident and we’re going to arrest them take them to jail and work with the DA’s office to prosecute them and make sure they’re prosecuted on some serious felony charges,” said Dyer.

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