[WATCH] Angry Girl Stops Car To Confront Jaywalkers, Her Boyfriend PAYS THE PRICE

[WATCH] Angry Girl Stops Car To Confront Jaywalkers, Her Boyfriend PAYS THE PRICE

The road-raging redhead girl was simply out of control. Her boyfriend learned a lesson in hand-to-hand combat and even she got much more than she ever expected!

An angry couple in McKinleyville, California, stopped their car to yell at a few guys who supposedly ran in front of them. The redheaded female apparently knows no fear, as she accosts a few guys, one of whom is pretty big.

The couple should have kept to their own business, as not only is the guy big, he apparently has a bit of fight training under his belt.

The footage begins with the redhead yelling at a couple of the walkers, and her boyfriend trying to attempt a wrestling take down of the big man. It is a good strategy for the smaller boyfriend, as he is outsized and would likely get pounded in a striking match. He probably wrestled in high school and believed he could pull off the take down.

Unfortunately, the big guy has some combat sport training, as well. He sprawls and stuffs the takedown, then commences to putting an MMA-style beatdown on the smaller man. He fires off punches, knees, and even kicks to the head.

Things get worse when the redhead tries to step in and defend her man. She is lucky that she did not get completely slammed by the big guy, but it appears he chose, in the heat of battle, to show a little mercy on her.

He pushed her away, and can be heard saying, “Get the f*ck away from me, b!tch!” Eventually, she pressed her attack, but the man was able to sling her away without harming her.

Someone near the camera had be heard warning the man not to harm her.

What a senseless waste of time!

At least we get to enjoy the buffoonery!

Watch for yourself below:

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