UPDATE: El Cajon Police Department Releases Alfred Olango Shooting Footage

BREAKING: El Cajon Police Department Releases Alfred Olango Shooting Footage

Footage of the controversial shooting of Alfred Olango in a San Diego suburb has just been released.

Prior to this breaking release, only a still shot from the video had been made public.

One video is actually from a surveillance camera from a restaurant drive-thru. It shows Olango walking erratically while the police officer closely pursues him.

Watch below:

The Police Department hope to show that the cape pen that Olango pointed at officers looked threatening, and when held in a shooter’s stance, easily looked like a gun.

Tuesday’s shooting by the El Cajon PD caused a controversy and the department has been accused of withholding information.

It came to light that Olango’s sister had called the police a number of times, asking them to help with her troubled brother, but her calls were in vain.

“I told you he’s sick!” She was recorded saying. “I called you guys for help and now you killed my brother!

Benge, Olango’s mother, told reporters that Olango had been experiencing a breakdown after the death of his best friend. “He was not mental, he had a mental breakdown,” she said. “There’s a difference.”

Another cellphone video exists, though it is not available at this time.

We will continue to monitor the issue and will provides updates as soon as we have them.


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