[VIDEO] Cross-Dressing Pooper ‘Leaves His Mark’ All Over New Orleans

[VIDEO] Cross-Dressing Pooper 'Leaves His Mark' All Over New Orleans

The daily phenomenon was hard to explain, until a woman caught the cross-dresser on Security Cam…

A chronic pooper is on the loose in New Orleans, angering residents and placing police on the lookout.

Almost daily, business owners and residents are forced to clean their offices, storefronts, and homes with outdoor hoses.

One woman has been finding a smelly mess just outside of her door nearly every day. She wishes to remain anonymous, but does report that she set up a security camera, and found, to her surprise, that a cross-dressing man has been the defecating perpetrator.

The woman lives near a market, and many people pass by her house on the way there, or walking there dogs, or just going about their business. She does not want them to experience the disgusting mess, so she feels that she must quickly hose off her property.

The man has been caught on camera multiple times, and in each case, he wears a different wig and different clothing. It is likely that he is not homeless.

John Victorson, the owner of a local bar, says, “Not everyone can get home quick enough. It’s plenty nasty, more annoying than anything, but we’re trying to stop it,” he said.

Victorson himself is growing tired of the cleanup.

The issue would be a bit easier to understand if the person appeared to be homeless. It is almost as if the cross-dresser is doing this to annoy people, in a disgusting, rebellious fashion. It is as if wearing women’s clothing and pooping outdoors, on private property, is an act of liberation or freedom.

Mostly, this transvestites actions are just plain gross.

Watch the graphic video below. What would you do if this were happening at your house on a near-daily basis?

Truthfully, this man is lucky that he has not been shot!


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