[Watch] Arab Woman Gets Caught Using Food Stamps to Stock Her Store

Watch as an Arab woman is caught red handed using FOOD STAMPS to stock her local store. Whats even more disturbing? the fact that she is driving around in a Lexus while defrauding the American Taxpayers. ¬†Apparently American’s living in poverty have been doing it wrong all these years.

One pissed off American had this to say, “Food stamp fraud , drives a lexus, owns a store to resell goods bought with food stamps at a higher rate. What a racket. I been doing it wrong all these years. I thought honesty and hard work would provide the American Dream. I’m the chump”.

Another, “She owns a store OWNS a store, drives a LEXUS.. is getting free food stamps, free medical, free housing ? Really?? Where are the checks on this. I saw this in WV last weekend. Free housing, free food, they are GIVEN SPENDING MONEY, they work making decent money – but it is NOT TAXED and they hate us… What is wrong with this picture? Oh and they drive high end cars in a town where people don’t drive high end cars”.

A deeper search reveals that this is actually the daughter of the store owner and he is currently¬†is being held on $2 million bail for welfare fraud charges. She walked out of the courtroom, free as a bird, while her mom yelled, ¬†“Are you happy now? F**k you. F**k America.” Aren’t we the ones that gave you those food stamps?

I’m sure tax paying Americans would be happy if your criminal ass went back to where you came from, no questions asked.

It’s too bad that they will be allowed to continually rape our system and taxpayers because America fails to do anything about it.

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