[WATCH] BADASS Iraqi Grandma Literally Makes ISIS Heads Roll

[WATCH] BADASS Iraqi Grandma Literally Makes ISIS Heads Roll

 One Iraqi Grandma is taking the fight directly to ISIS, literally giving them their own medicine!

SHIRQAT, IRAQ — Wahida Mohamed claims to be the top priority on ISIS’ kill list according to some stories she has recently revealed in an in-depth interview with CNN. Here is why:

Better known by her troupe as Um Hanadi, the 39-year-old woman leads a small army of 70 men into battle against Islamic State militants. Since 2004, she has worked with the Iraqi government forces to eradicate the terror infiltrating her homeland. It hasn’t been easy though.

Um Hanadi claims that ISIS and its forerunners al Qaeda in Mesopotamia have tried to assassinate her several times, with car bombs in 2006, 2009, 2010, three times in 2013 and once again in 2014. She doesn’t take threats against her life lightly, and her retaliation is just as gruesome as the harm the terrorist group has been known to inflict on the world.

Um Hanadi claims when it comes to ISIS militants, she doesn’t just kill them – she beheads them, burns their bodies, and then cooks their heads. Photos of the heads appear on the wall of her Facebook page, though the acts themselves are unconfirmed by outside sources.

Um Hanadi’s first husband was murdered by terrorists. She then remarried, only to have them kill her second husband, as well as her father, and three brothers.

Watch this incredible woman in action below:

It must make the Jihadists especially sick to know that one of their most fierce enemies is a female. Now they have to watch her heroics on international television, and, of course, on the Internet.

She is young, for a grandmother, though she has seen and accomplished much for a woman nearing mid-life.

Hopefully, she will continue her heroic fighting ways for years to come.

Perhaps she will outlast ISIS?

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