This confrontation in the subway started slow, built momentum, then crashed!

It is not clear what initially started this confrontation, but my guess is that the black man called the gay man a name.

The footage start with a verbal confrontation. The homosexual man starts out just sitting in his seat, exchanging verbal jabs with the black man, who moves around the subway a bit. The argument escalates into a cut-down fight, with each using derogatory slurs to insult the other. Eventually, the gay guy decides he has had enough, and stands up to continue his verbal onslaught. Of course, the black man stood to face him.

There are a number of lessons to be learned from this episode.

First, a prolonged verbal confrontation is unnecessary in most cases, especially in a closed environment like a subway. Rude comments and insults happen, but there is no need to keep the conversation going. Each of these guys could have said something like, “I truly do not want to fight. Have a good day,” and moved to another section of the car. Pride was involved for both of them, so the insults kept flying.

When the gay guy stood up, it was apparent that he was angry, as his posture looked aggressive. It became clear, however, that he did not have a plan. When the black man stood to face him, he eventually took one small swing. The two collided as the fight meandered to one wall of the car. Why didn’t he keep his hands up the entire time? After throwing one punch, with no other options, he was wide open for an incoming attack, and all that he knew to do was clinch with the guy, which was a prelude to just “turtling up.” It is better to stand with your hands in front of your face and say, “I do not want to fight,” rather than end up getting pummeled because you do not know what you are doing.

Once the black guy spun the little man into the wall, he could have tried a wrestling takedown, more specifically, a double-leg. He was in a perfect position for it, and the black guy was just punching wildly.

Unfortunately for him, the gay dude just turtled up and took the abuse, with little chance of escape. He could only wait for the black man’s mercy or his exhaustion.

Lesson learned, in short:

1) Be nice

2) State that you do not wish to fight while avoiding long conversations

3) Keep your hands up

4) Have a plan, or move away!

Watch the subway fight for yourself below:

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