[VIDEO] Murder Or Self-Defense With ‘Death By One Punch?’ CCTV Changed Everything

[VIDEO] Murder Or Self-Defense With 'Death By One Punch?' CCTV Changed Everything

Surveillance video footage changed the entire case and saved the life of this bullied boy…

Imagine what this boy, and his family, along with the family of the child who died, must have gone through. Bullying is horrible, and the boy in question had been charged with homicide. The story is sad no matter how you look at it, but many believe that the release of the CCTV surveillance video proved innocence, beyond a shadow of a doubt. What do you think?

TomoNews US reports:

The Iowa teen who delivered a blow that took the life of a classmate was cleared of criminal charges on Wednesday after newly released surveillance footage demonstrated he was acting in self-defence, according to a report by Omaha.com.

Despite the medical examiner’s determination that the September 25 death of Dakota Escritt, 17, in Council Bluffs was a homicide, the Pottawattamie County attorney announced on Wednesday that Gregary Teer, 16, had used what was described as reasonable force to defend himself under Iowa law.

Wearing a black hoodie, Escritt can be seen in the footage repeatedly shoving a Teer, before his schoolmate responds in kind.

Both boys next raise their arms before Teer delivers a blow that knocks Escritt to the ground and leaves him lying unconscious.

Escritt was rushed to a nearby hospital, but succumbed to his injuries three days later.

An autopsy revealed that the cause of death was blunt force trauma caused when Escritt’s head bounced off a floor tile.

The dispute between the two teens apparently began the week before the incident when Teer exchanged words with a friend of Escritt’s after colliding into him during a gym class.

That same night, Escritt and Teer reportedly exchanged profanity-laced Facebook messages.

The virtual exchange was the last known incident ahead of the confrontation that eventually took Escritt’s life.

Watch the telling, and sad, video below. Does it help you to make up your mind?

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