[WATCH] Lamar Jackson Once Threw A Football 100 YARDS, IN HIGH SCHOOL

[WATCH] Lamar Jackson Once Threw A Football 100 YARDS, IN HIGH SCHOOL

This throw is LEGENDARY! No wonder the Louisville QB is called the best player in the country!

Lousville’s Lamar Jackson is a freak. Michael Vick recently stated that Jackson is “5 times better than he was at Virginia Tech.” That is high-praise from a superstar college and NFL quarterback.

Jackson has racked up eighteen touchdowns in only three games. He accelerates like a Lamborghini, and can beat his opponents with both the pass and the run.

His coach at Louisville, Bobby Petrino, features Jackson in an NFL-style offense, where the plan is to look to pass, then run if you need to. The strategy forces opposing defenses to spread out, and they often find themselves spread too thin to stop a dual-threat like Lamar Jackson. That having been said, Jackson has rushed for 464 yards in three games, ranking him as the second-leading rusher in college football. The better he can throw, the easier it will be for him to run.

Jackson is young, and had his share of challenges in learning Louisville’s offense. It is said that, last year, he sometimes did not know the plays, and would rely on instinct and athleticism just to get through the down.

Those days are over now, as Jackson is in full command of the playbook, make the offensive side of the ball look like a freak show.

His high school coach, Coach Swain, in Boynton Beach, Florida, knew from the first time that he saw Lamar Jackson that he was something special. The boy was a rare mix of arm-strength and amazing speed that does not come along often in athletics. He has been crushing defenses ever since.

So just how strong is Lamar Jackson’s arm? Video has emerged of him lining up on one goal line, and throwing a football to the opposite goal line. 100 yards down the field!

It is a throw that only legends can aspire to. There are rumors that Terry Bradshaw once made such a throw, but the video cannot be found.

Don’t believe it? Take a look for yourself. This is the stuff of gridiron legend.


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