[WATCH] White Girl Beaten By Two Mexican Thugs Who Attempt To Steal The Trump Sign

[WATCH] White Girl Beaten By Two Mexican Thugs Who Attempt To Steal The Trump Sign

This poor girl is simply defending her property. Does the outcome of two Mexican thugs versus one White girl surprise you?

So Donald Trump has called for a large wall along the Mexican Border. He is branded a racist, and called such daily in the media.

Former President Bill Clinton once called for security of these nature along the border. He received a standing ovation. No cries of racism.

Democrat Nominee Hillary Clinton called for a physical barrier along the border with Mexico. Somehow she is lauded as the champion of minorities and women.

Hey, Hillary is the champion of minorities and women! Perhaps, she will rush to the defense of this poor white girl, who was assaulted in broad daylight, in the front yard, when two Mexicans jumped out of their car to steal a Donald Trump political sign?

One problem for this white girl: Hillary, the champion of women, has done nothing to defend the women who were raped and abused by her husband. Her record as a lawyer indicates that she let defended criminals who had harmed females.

During the heat of the 2016 Presidential Election, it is unlikely that she will defend anyone, female or not, who fights for a Trump sign. More unlikely that she will admit that she once called for a physical barrier on the southern border.

It is a shame that this white girl had an altercation over a political sign. Hopefully, she is alright.

There is good news in the story. These thugs were caught on video, which means perhaps they will be caught and prosecuted.

Take a look at the disgusting video:

If those guys keep up this kind of treatment of conservative voters, they are likely to meet up with a firearm. Fortunately, for them in this case, they only had to overcome a white girl.

All over a silly political sign.


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