[VIDEO] Black Lives Matter -VS- White Lives Matter In Houston

[VIDEO] Black Lives Matter -VS- White Lives Matter In Houston

So ”White Lives Matter” is a racist hate group, but BLM is not? No wonder things got this crazy in Texas…

Recently, the Houston branch of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) allegedly accused the White Lives Matter organization of being racist. It is no surprise that the ADL did not apply the same label to Black Lives Matter, but these Texans do not want to take the hypocritical insults laying down.

Yesterday, a number of White Lives Matter activists gathered outside of the southwest Houston office in protest.

Black Lives Matter showed up to counter-protest, so a robust police presence was necessary to attempt to keep the peace.

John E. Rebel, a White Lives Matter protester, said “they’re calling Black Lives Matter a civil rights group while they target random white people for acts of violence at their rallies, while they burn cities down and loot, and kill police officers… It’s a garbage argument. Black-on-white crime is way larger in this country than white-on-black crime. But you only hear about white-on-black crime from these people here and from the mainstream medias.”

Take a look at the following footage from the event:

Naturally, Black Lives Matter activists hold dramatically different views on the topic.

“Honestly, we just came here to drown them out, protesting and counter protesting is a show of force, showing who can outlast who, when one side is spewing hate, the other side is showing love to each other,” Ashton Woods, from the Black Lives Matter camp told KHOU.

Saprina, a counter-protester from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, said, “these people only have to antagonize us. They’re not here because they believe white lives matter, they know they’ve always mattered.”

Police used metal barricades to keep the two fiery groups apart, though one Black Lives Matter protester jumped the barricade to attack.

Police were able to contain the man before anyone was injured.

Unfortunately, dual-sided protests like this one in Houston may become more common as tensions continue to escalate.


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