WikiLeaks Sets Timeline For Release Of US Election Documents

Julian Assange spoke overnight…

In what many deem as a let down, Assange announced the WikiLeaks will publish their documents that pertain to the US Election by November the 8th.

Otherwise, the highly-anticpated press announcement dealt mostly with the history of WikiLeaks and what they have accomplished in the last 10 years.

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Video below:

Earlier, we reported:

This is the long-awaited October Surprise that is said will sink Hillary’s ship. Join us at 3AM Eastern, 2AM Central at the following LIVE FEED:

Julian Assange has been talking about an October Surprise that will send Hillary Clinton to jail for some time. The announcement  is so controversial, so devastating, that he has had to change venues to ensure his safety during the event.

WikiLeaks is celebrating their 10th Anniversary and will be speaking live from Berlin.

In the last few days, it was reported that Hillary suggested a drone strike to murder Julian Assange. As you know, WikiLeaks exposed the corruption in the Democrat National Committee, and the rigged system that ended the campaign of Bernie Sanders. The Democrat Chairman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, resigned in disgrace, before she was immediately hired to work for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

It has been our theory all along that Assange has been “slow-rolling” Hillary, by giving out incremental pieces of information without unloading the entirety of his hacked evidence at once.

The Democrat National Committee has been revealed as being corrupt. Hillary’s involvement in ISIS, her Classified Email Security problems, her health problems, her earpiece, and countless other issues have been raised, all in incremental ways.

Is tomorrow morning’s announcement to be the final nail in the coffin of the 2016 Hillary Clinton Campaign?

Who knows? Assange could be setting the stage for something even larger with this upcoming announcement. Perhaps this will just be the first trumpet, kicking off the final wave of data releases that should alter the course of history.

Many believes that the Clintons will be devasted. The Establishment, on both sides of the aisle, has already been rocked, in Washington, DC.

Enjoy this exciting time along with us.

Good things are happening in America and in the world. We just do not know the fine details at this time.

See you at 2AM Central!


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