Florida Millionaire Discovers Stripper Bride Is Granddaughter In Most CREEPY Way

Florida Millionaire Discovers Stripper Bride Is Granddaughter In Most CREEPY Way

Even after the BIZARRE way they discovered they truth, they plan to stay together…

He described the discovery as a “terrible shock,” while his 24-year-old bride felt a “sense of despair.” Nonetheless, the two have no plans to divorce?

According to this 68-year-old Golden Beach man, his wife left him years ago, taking away the children to an undisclosed location. He claims to have hired a number of private investigators to find the family, with no success.

Years later, he remarried, only to have his second marriage dissolve due to financial difficulties.

Suddenly, in 2011, things changed. He joined a Powerball syndicate, and won the jackpot prize!

After hitting the Powerball, his life improved dramatically. He moved from an apartment to a waterfront property. Things were better, but he was lonely, and he only heard from his second wife, and her children, when they wanted money.

In 2015, he signed up for a dating service that specialized in matching older men with younger women. He came across images of a beautiful 24-year-old on the company’s website, and arranged a date with her. The young beauty travelled from Jacksonville to meet him for dinner.

“I just felt something strange when I saw her photos,” he said. “We just hit is off right from when she walked into the restaurant.”

Later, the 24-year-old revealed to him that she was estranged from her family and had been raising her child as a single-mother, working as an exotic dancer. On New Year’s Eve, 2015, he proposed, and the two were soon married.

The couple’s wedding bliss hit a bit of a rough spot a few months later, however, when the two sat down to look at an old photo album. Coming across a decades old photo, the young girl recognized her own father, and she realized that she had just married her own grandfather!

Once the shock of the discovery wore off, the couple has promised not to divorce, and are committed to the marriage.

The bride says, “Every couple is different and special in their own ways. I feel our bond is so strong that even something like this is not enough to make us give up.”

Isn’t love beautiful?

In this case, is it legal? In the state of Florida, evidently so.


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