[WATCH] Bully Makes Tactical Mistakes, Latina Girl TURNS IT ON In An Instant

[WATCH] Bully Makes Tactical Mistakes, Latina Girl TURNS IT ON In An Instant

This girl bully made one stupid move after another. Finally, the other girl CAPITALIZED IN A BIG WAY!

There are a number of lessons to be learned from this Latina Girl Confrontation.

  1. It is always easier to just be nice. There was no threat in this situation, just a large group of kids, hanging out and socializing. I suppose this Rule #1 goes against the mentality of a bully, who wants to take advantage of other people to make themselves feel better.
  2. It is better to leave the scene that to stand there and engage in verbal judo for countless minutes. Perhaps the bully thought she could get away with mouthing off, and eventually touching the other girl? Yap, Yap, Yap… Which leads to:
  3. If you are going to touch someone, make it count. Those little teases shoves and shoulder bumps are like poking the bear. In fact, there is never a reason to enter another persons personal space unless you are defending yourself or someone else.
  4. KEEP YOUR HANDS UP! The bully kept poking at the other girl, all the while keeping her hands down at her sides. She was totally off guard when the action started. Some self defense experts called this “putting up a fence” between yourself and the other person. That way, if they make a move, they may strike you in the arms or hands but not in a vital area.
  5. If you back someone against a wall or corner, because they when come out, they tend to come out full speed. Much like a wild animal that has been trapped or cornered.
  6. If the fight goes to the ground, pull the opponent close to you to avoid big strikes. Hold them close, shift your hips, and scramble to a better position. In the case of this bully, she never knew what hit her.

Lastly, it appears that this particular bully had no idea who she was messing with.

Watch the buffoonery for yourself, below:

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