[WATCH] Mystery Man In Gorilla Suit, ‘All Lives Matter’ Shirt Crashes NFL Game

[WATCH] Mystery Man In Gorilla Suit, 'All Lives Matter' Shirt Crashes NFL Game

Liberals were outraged at his actions, but their anger turned to embarrassment when they realized WHO HE WAS!

A man stormed Soldier Field on Sunday during the NFL broadcast of the Chicago Bears’ game. He ran amuck and was eventually tackled on the 40-yard line.

That event was hilarious! No surprise, the man was immediately arrested.

Naturally, Liberals were outraged. They find the saying, “All Lives Matter” to be racist (though they seem to have no problem with the words, “Black Lives Matter.”) The man CLEARLY must have been a racist, white supremacist. Why else would he wear a gorilla suit? Was he mocking black people and their African heritage?

Not so fast, Liberals. The All Lives Matter Man in the Gorilla Suit turned out to be black!


Could it be true? The gorilla suit was not a racist implication, it was simply an attention-grabbing prop!

And what kind of attention did it gather? Attention for ALL LIVES MATTER!

Undoubtedly, Liberals will either choose to ignore this event, or, even worse, label the man as an Uncle Tom.

The most refreshing thing about this man’s protest statement was the hilarity and the LACK OF VIOLENCE. He made the All Lives Matter t-shirt look fun!

Remember the days when football was just about football?


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