UPDATE: LAPD Release Video In Fatal Teen Shooting Investigation

BREAKING: LAPD Release Video In Fatal Teen Shooting Investigation

Decide for yourself: Was teen Carnell Snell a threat to officers? Video is telling…

Los Angeles saw protesters gather after the fatal police shooting of teenager Carnell Snell. The boy, and an accomplice, had been pulled over on suspicion that they had stolen a vehicle. They were behaving erratically when they abandoned the car and fled on foot. One of the two escaped, and, after some time,  LAPD announced the shooting death of Snell.

As you likely expected, the shooting caused immediate controversy. With the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina, and other major American cities, still fresh on the minds of those like Black Lives Matter, Los Angeles braced for impact.

Initial reports indicated that officers had shot Carnell Snell in the back, some saying as many as five times.

Snell’s mother, Monique Morgan, said, “We got a phone call saying that police had shot him five times in the back.”

While police have taken their time in releasing information on this tragic shooting, as they investigate, information is starting to be released to the public.

Security camera video, released from a local business, shows Snell with a gun in his hand. Previously, police had only reported that a gun was found at the scene, with no other details.

“At one point during their foot pursuit, which was 200 to 300 yards in total, they observed him remove a handgun from his waistband and hold it in his left hand,” one officer said. “He ran into a driveway in the 1700 block of 107th Street and while holding the handgun in his left hand, he turned in the direction of the pursuing officers, at which time an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

Watch the video below:

Does this newly released video change your mind on the controversial shooting? Did the police do the right thing?

We will continue to monitor the story and report details as we have them.



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