Indianapolis Colts Release Antonio Cromartie 2 Days After He Kneels for National Anthem

Indianapolis Colts cornerback, Antonio Cromartie, is the latest sports star to make the headlines but not for his skills on the gridiron.

On Sunday Cromartie took a knee when the national anthem was played and on Tuesday he received word that he was being cut from the Colts roster.

From Breitbart

Cromartie crouched down on a knee and raised a black-power fist for the playing of “The Star Spangled Banner” in London. Then he rose to his feet for “God Save the Queen.”

But his play during the game, rather than his antics before it, likely led to his release.

Cromartie also took a knee for the anthem and raised his clenched fist (pictured above) before a win against the San Diego Chargers at Lucas Oil Stadium a week ago Sunday. That resulted in no repercussions, suggesting the aging corner’s play rather than his political stance catalyzed his release.

I find it rather ironic how these sports stars seem to hate America, but they love the money they make while trashing the U.S. of A.

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