[VIDEO] Hidden Camera Revealing Latina Girl’s Street Treatment Goes Viral

[VIDEO] Hidden Camera Revealing Latina Girl's Street Treatment Goes Viral

A lot can go on in a girl’s life in two hours…

In the past, viral videos about catcalling and street harassment have been a recipe for disaster. An anti-street harassment advocacy organization, Hollaback!, actually had to apologize when a hidden camera video of theirs didn’t show enough white men catcalling their subject. Other men offered their own apologies on behalf of their gender and didn’t hide their sarcasm. Others were sincerely sorry, so there are clearly reasons organizations keep making these things.

The latest one comes from Rene Montiel Bonilla, a Costa Rican filmmaker, filmed a woman walking through San Jose for two hours.

The woman in the video is named Laura Leon and she was actually touched in the clip.

Montiel Bonilla explained that 61.7% of the 2.4 million women in Costa Rica have reported being victims of street harassment and that she “decided to make a short documentary to do something about it,” according to QCostaRica.

There is currently no legislation in place in the country that would penalize perpetrators of street harassment, but perhaps this video is the beginning of the end for Costa Rica’s inaction.

Perhaps, but is the woman in the video the biggest victim of this silly behavior?

Sure, this kind of treatment is wrong, and it is annoying, but I submit that there are other victims.

The families of the men captured in the video are more victimized than the girl, as they likely do not know how these men behave when they are not around. It is rude and dishonest.

Truthfully, the men, who behave a perpetrators in this footage, are victims of their own ignorance. Think of how well they could do socially, and, in life overall, if they would develop some self-respect?

These guys believe that they are losers and they behave like losers.

In the end, they live a life that is far less than what it could be.

Girls like her just keep walking.


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