[VIDEO] Mexican Family Defends Halloween Decor With Trump Hanging From Noose

A San Antonio family is drawing heat after what some people believe is a controversial Halloween decoration that has Donald Trump hanging from a noose with Hillary Clinton holding the rope.

The family doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong with it.

One West Side San Antonio family made a bold political statement with their Halloween decorations this year.

The Leal family stuffed a mannequin affixed with Donald Trump face and hung it from a tree in their front yard next to another stuffed character with a Hillary Clinton face, which is holding a Clinton-Kaine “Stronger Together” campaign sign.

“My dad said, ‘I got an idea. Let’s put Donald Trump hanging and Hillary Clinton holding the string and sitting down,” John Leal said.

Leal is just a teenager, but he follows the political drama between Clinton and Trump. He said his parents taught him that Trump is disrespectful.

“We don’t like the way he talks to women. He treats them with disrespect,” Leal said. “She’s [Clinton] not disrespectful. She treats others with respect and she just has a big heart.”

While the family made a bold statement, others thought the decoration was disrespectful.

“That’s pretty morbid,” Mari Munoz said. “I think it’s wrong. He might be the next president. That’s insensitive and it offends people.”

“People need to really think about what they’re doing and just be adults about it. We’re teaching our kids the wrong thing and there’s a right way of doing things,” Suzette Valles said.

Earlier this year, an Oregon farmer raised eyebrows with a similarly controversial display that showed a Clinton likeness hanging in effigy.

“I’m allowed to have my feelings, right, wrong, or indifferent,” Billy Pitner, the land-owner, said. “Here you are. Got your attention, didn’t it?”

Can you imagine the huge backlash that would definitely ensure if someone was to hang a Barack Obama effigy in the same manner?

The general election is on November 8th and the last day to register to vote is October 11th.

Source: KABB

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