#BLM Thug Druggie Films Traffic Stop, His Own Camera Captures Criminal Stupidity

#BLM Thug Druggie Films Traffic Stop, His Own Camera Captures Criminal Stupidity

How stupid can you be? He turned on the camera to expose a “racist” cop, then ends up exposing a far greater crime. DOH!

The 24-year-old Dallas man is named Dominique D. Green. He was approached in a parking lot by a police officer officer for failing to use a turn signal.

As you may expect, Green felt that he was being targeted “for being black on a Friday.” To counter this supposed blatant act of police racism, Green pulled out his smartphone to broadcast the event on Facebook Live.

Green launched into his tirade, with the officer in the background, and inadvertently films himself hiding his stash of drugs. The police officer was not amused, in the least. In fact, as the camera rolled, the officer saw Green hide cocaine in the driver’s side door. Later, he threatened an officer and resisted arrest.

In the end, Domique D. Green was arrested on eleven total charges, with one of them being drug possession.

So he did not use his turn signal. That is minor but still wrong. He immediately started ranted about racism. That is expected, sadly, and is even more wrong. He had drugs in the car. Obviously, drug possession is much worse.

Then he filmed himself trying to hide the drugs. That is hilarious!

Watch Dominique’s antics for yourself below:

Fortunately, police were able to peacefully resolve the issue. Thank goodness Dominique Green did not have a gun or dead not threaten the police as if he did.

It is true, police brutality exists, and it is awful when it happens.

It is more common, however, for guilty parties, like Green, to cry racism when in fact they are participating in activities that are far worse than police initially suspect.

Karma is cold, but even more cold when you bring it on yourself.

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