Mom Wonders About Nanny, HIDDEN CAMERA Reveals The Horrifying Truth

Mom Wonders About Nanny, HIDDEN CAMERA Reveals The Horrifying Truth

The mother noticed changes in her 4-year-old with epilepsy and Down’s Syndrome. His nanny won’t last five minutes in prison…

GRAPHIC FOOTAGE – Luke Fields, a disabled 4-year-old, who deals with heart-defects, epilepsy and Down’s Syndrome, started behaving in a manner that his mother thought “was not like him.” The mom, Tiffany Fields, could not identify the possible causes for Luke’s behavior changes, so she set up a hidden camera to keep an eye on the nanny, Lillian D. White.

The camera’s footage revealed Tiffany’s worst nightmares. Lillian was seen dragging the poor boy around by his leg and foot. She screamed at him, “You little s**t, this is what we’re going to do. We’re doing it my way!”

She also sat on the boy’s face while changing his dirty diaper. The toddler was also flipped over while he lay there helplessly on the floor.

Lillian White, who is originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, has now appeared in court to answer for her behavior in the footage.

According to Dale Golden, the attorney who represents the Fields family, states that the mother, Tiffany, never expected what she found on the video.

“Once she looked at it, to her shock, she saw that her child was not only being physically abused but also verbally abused,” he said.

Lillian White was hired a Luke’s nanny in June. She has been arrested. The charge: second degree criminal abuse.

She has already plead not guilty, though she will not provide further comments.

Watch the horrifying hidden camera footage below:

Thankfully, the disabled child is no longer around this monster of a woman. She had a huge responsibility, the care of a precious, small, sick child.

Most likely, her actions will follow her to prison, where karma may wait for her.

We are praying for little Luke and his family.


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