[PHOTOS] Have A Look At Playboy’s First Hijab-Wearing Playmate

[PHOTOS] Have A Look At Playboy's First Hijab-Wearing Playmate

Hot or not? There are so many jokes to be made here that I do not know where to start. One thing is certain: Her imam is going to be angry!

Playboy Magazine once pioneered the art of featuring gorgeous naked centerfolds, posing seductively for all to enjoy.

Now, the popular men’s publication is breaking new ground yet again, by featuring its first Hijabi model, 22-year-old Noor Tagouri.

Playboy’s October issue will focus on women who are “renegades,” and Noor will be front and center. Noor is accustomed to national attention, as she has been in the public eye as being an on-air news personality who proudly sports a hijab. Noor frequently fronts the news organization, Newsy.

The first generation Libyan-American is from the small state of West Virginia, and believes that her hijab helps her credibility.

“Being a hijabi Muslim woman helps me gain trust. I say, ‘I know what it’s like to be misrepresented in the media. I won’t do that to you.'”

It makes sense that Noor’s cultural garb would garner respect for her in some circles, but Playboy magazine?

Noor claims that the decision to appear in Playboy was one that took serious consideration.

“This wasn’t a decision that I could take lightly,” she shares on Instagram. “I spent time talking to my family and mentors, praying about it, and asking the writers a ton of questions. While doing my research, I learned that the magazine was committed to putting social justice and cultural progress at the forefront of their mission. It may sound wrong and it may make you uncomfortable to associate Playboy with social justice and cultural progress, but that’s what I do.”

Here is a shot of Noor from the Playboy spread:

It is said that Noor is breaking down barriers, though her appearance in Playboy is not without controversy.

rooftop chilling with @uncuttart. || @newsyvideos in NYC || #ProtectYoHeart || ?: @kevinclancymedia

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What do you think of Noor’s photos? Is this a good move for her?

Something tells me that it is not a good move for Playboy, but time will tell.


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