RON PAUL: ‘Black Lives Matter Wouldn’t Exist If America Was Libertarian’

For all of the great things Ron Paul has said in the past that I can agree with, there are pieces like this that make me shake my head in utter disbelief. I simply cannot understand how someone can be so intelligent yet somehow be as equally stupid at the same time.

To hear Ron Paul tell it, the entire Black Lives Matter movement has been propped up by the assumption that “when you’re poor, and you’re having trouble, you’re entitled to somebody else’s wealth”, which he believes is the result of big government.

Paul argued that some demonstrators are “using racism” to stir up trouble, referenced the recent incident involving an Alabama teenager who was beaten severely and left in critical condition after writing a pro-police statement, which he shared on his Facebook page. Brian Ogle was assaulted so badly, X-rays revealed he sustained three skull fractures and trauma to his shoulder.

“They don’t have the concept of individual rights, and they will use this, and they will turn it into a racial matter,” Paul said. “I think it will continue to escalate.”

Paul continued by telling Loesch there is “a lot of confusion” among protesters about what, exactly, “individual rights” are.

“Unfortunately, people believe entitlements are rights — and they’re not,” he said. “We have a right to our life and to our liberty, we should have a right to the fruits of our labor and we outta get the government out of our lives and out of the economy.”

Watch a portion of the interview below:

Source: The Blaze:

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