[Watch] Trump’s Accountant Drops Bombshell, Liberal Media Left Speechless

Of course liberal media has been all over Trumps 1996  business losses of roughly 1 billion dollars. They continued to twist and distort the new information to fit their agenda but Trump’s the Accountant just dropped a bombshell that could change all that.

Accountant Jack Mitnick reportedly handled Trump’s taxes up until 1996 and claims that Trump’s manipulating the tax code at that point in time wouldn’t have even been possible. Not only that, the GOP nominee had “zero” input on his tax strategy during the 1990s.

CT had this to say:

The media and Hillary Clinton have painted Trump as a maniacal genius, manipulating the tax code to fit his greedy goals. But according to Mitnick, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“As far as I know, and that only goes through late ’96, he didn’t (have the expertise to manipulate the tax code),” Mitnick said during an interview Wednesday with NBC News. Trump’s lack of expertise was exactly why he hired Mitnick.

What this means is that the entire liberal narrative alleging that Trump personally manipulated the US tax code in an effort to circumvent the spirit of the law is patently false.

Instead Trump had a professional accountant do what professional accountants do — prepare his taxes and maximize his deductions. And that’s what every screeching liberal does annually around April 15.

As if to drive home the point that the charges of Trump manipulating the system were false, Mitnick further explained to CNN, “Those returns were entirely created by us.”

In other words, Trump had virtually zero involvement with the tax process.

That obliterates one of the Democrats’ biggest talking points. But it doesn’t deal with the core question involved: “Is it wrong to maximize your tax deductions?” The answer, of course, is a resounding no.

If it were legally wrong (moral questions aside), deductions simply wouldn’t be allowed under the federal tax code. But they are allowed, and Americans are expected to take advantage of them … else why would they have ever been passed into law in the first place?

On the moral side, most reading Conservative Tribune will likely agree that working to keep as much of what you’ve earned from being forcefully confiscated under threat of violence from the government is reasonable and highly moral, as long as those efforts aren’t illegal.

Of course, the coup de grâce in this entire made-up controversy is that Hillary Rodham Clinton did on her taxes exactly what she’s accusing Donald Trump of doing.

So once again we have the left saying to everyone else, “Good for me, but not for thee. We’ll keep our taxes low, thanks, but you should pay through the nose.”

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