Ashton Kutcher Says Only 4 Words About His New Show, And They Are Guaranteed To Make A Liberal Lose It

Ashton Kutcher is a popular model turned actor, he made his name famous on the t.v. program, That 70’s show. He is now making liberal heads spin with what he just said regarding his new television show.

During an interview with NBC’s Today, Kutcher promised his new Netflix series would have a ‘conservative point of view.

From NewsBusters:

Appearing on Thursday’s NBC Today to promote new episodes of his Netflix sitcom The Ranch, actor Ashton Kutcher touted the show as being like “a country song” and surprisingly told viewers it would represent the “conservative point of view” of “rural America.”

Co-host Savannah Guthrie noted: “This is really fun, because, I mean, you’ve actually said it’s kind of like a country song that became a sitcom.” Kutcher replied: “Yeah, it’s like beer and football and your dog got run over by a train. It’s like that’s what the show is.”

Moments later, he pointed out:

Yeah, well, you know, a lot of these ranches are run by immigrant labor and I actually think it’s like a hot-button topic in the country right now. And so I think for, you know, a socially conscious sitcom that’s represented a conservative point of view, I think there’s probably a different conservative point of view around immigration when you get into rural America and I think it’s important to represent.

And with those 4 words liberals heads explode in 3.2.1… Let’s see how long Kutcher is welcomed in the Hollywood community. I haven’t seen the show, but if it is what he promises, it will be good.

H/T: Newsbusters


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