George Soros’s Son Manipulates Government Dropping $100k on Gun Control in CA

Proposition 63  will be on the November ballot and its goal is to shut down “high-capacity” magazine use. It will also require that law abiding citizens have a full background check in order to purchase ammunition in the state of CA.

California is becoming more communist by the second, fight it or flee at this point. Not really surprised that more Soros money will be involved. Alexander and his father George have been major Hillary Clinton donors for a long time, backing the campaign directly as well as through super PACs and nonprofit organizations.

Breitbart has the full story:

Alexander Soros has donated $100,000 in support of a campaign, spearheaded by California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, to secure passage of a statewide “high-capacity” magazine ban through Proposition 63 on the November ballot.

Prop 63 will also require law-abiding citizens to undergo a background check before they are allowed to purchase ammunition in California.

According to the Daily Caller, the California Fair Political Practices Commission reports that Soros “is one of the top 10 biggest donors behind the ‘yes’ campaign on Proposition 63,” even though he lives in New York.

If Prop 63 passes, Californians will have the option of handing their “high-capacity” magazines over to police or otherwise disposing of them before the proposition becomes law. Section 3, Line 8 of the proposition’s synopsis says the purpose of the measure is “to make it illegal in California to possess the kinds of military-style ammunition magazines that enable mass killings like those at Sandy Hook Elementary School; a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado; Columbine High School; and an office building at 101 California Street in San Francisco, California.”

Section 2, Line 12 says:

Today, California law prohibits the manufacture, importation and sale of military-style, large capacity ammunition magazines, but does not prohibit the general public from possessing them. We should close that loophole. No one except trained law enforcement should be able to possess these dangerous ammunition magazines.

The synopsis does not mention the May 23, 2014, Santa Barbara attack, in which three persons were gunned down by a man who used only 10-round magazines.

Regarding ammunition background checks, if Prop 63 passes, “the [California Department of Justice (DOJ)] shall provide access to the list by ammunition vendors for purposes of conducting ammunition sales or other transfers, and shall provide access to the list by law enforcement agencies for law enforcement purposes,” according to the synopsis. The CA DOJ would also “create and maintain an internal centralized list of all persons who are authorized to purchase ammunition and shall promptly remove from the list any persons whose authorization was revoked by the Department pursuant to this section.”

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