Pence Pulls Out of GOP Event After Trump Lewd Video

Mike Pence has had enough and he is not playing around…

The event was to be a display of unity in a healing Republican Party. The election is in one month, and the Trump/Pence ticket sought to reunite the Party Faithful who are loyal to leaders like Paul Ryan.

Trump would share the stage with Ryan, Senator Ron Johnson, and others. A huge crowd was anticipated, and the entire event had been moved to Wisconsin’s Walworth County Fairground to accommodate the masses.

Ryan hoped that the event would be a “big closing argument” for Trump.

Then the video from 2005 hit the media. In the footage, Trump made lewd, demeaning remarks about women, and some interpret that he condones sexual assault.

Trump has since apologized for the video, saying that he is, “not perfect,” and that it was inappropriate like “locker room banter.”

Evidently, Paul Ryan is not buying the apology, as he disinvited Trump from the blockbuster event. Democrats have called on Republicans to disavow support for Trump, and Ryan, evidently, has taken the bait.

Not all Republicans agree with Ryan, however.

Regarding the lewd remarks:

“They’re harmful when you have to hear them, but they’re not physically harmful,” said Charlotte Rasmussen, president of the Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women. “We’re just going to let this all wash in and see how it goes. At the end of the day the policies he’s set forward are so much better for Wisconsin and America.”

This woman sounds as if she has more backbone than Ryan.

Apparently, Trump’s Vice Presidential Running Mate, Mike Pence, is standing by his guy.

This morning, it was announced that Mike Pence will not be attending Ryan’s rally in Wisconsin, either.

Will these moves by Ryan, Trump, and now Pence, damage the Trump ticket?

Time will tell, but I do not think so.

My belief is: The Republican Establishment, Paul Ryan included, needs Trump more than Trump needs them.


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