Melania Trump PAINFULLY Breaks Her Silence On Donald’s Lewd Video

Melania Trump PAINFULLY Breaks Her Silence On Donald's Lewd Video

Melania Trump has spoken on her husband’s past mistakes. Your turn, Hillary. Listen to Ms. Trump and then tell us how you feel about Bill Clinton’s treatment of women.

Democrats smell blood in the water. Establishment Republicans are scrambling all over the map. Is the Trump video truly that big of a deal?

Melania Trump, the wife of Republican nominee Donald Trump, has spoken out about the leaked language that her husband used during a 2005 interview with Access Hollywood.

The American media, and the Electorate, all have been wondering how Trump’s wife would respond.

This afternoon, she delivered the following statement:

Mrs. Trump today is calling the rhetoric that her husband used eleven years ago, “unacceptable and offensive.”

On Friday afternoon, The Washington Post published leaked audio from a hot mic that was picking up Trump’s private conversation with then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush during an off-the-record moment on board a bus. Trump can be clearly heard on the tape discussing using his power and influence to make unwarranted advances on women, even going as far as to say “grab ’em by the p—-.”

Melania Trump continued in her statement, “He has the heart and mind of a leader. I hope people will accept his apology.”

Trump said it himself, “I have never been perfect.” Will Bill Clinton say the same thing?

The Republican nominee for president released a late-night video in the early morning hours Saturday offering a lengthy apology for the language that surfaced, the first time on the campaign trail that he has apologized for any incendiary rhetoric. Trump is scheduled to debate Hillary Clinton tomorrow night in St. Louis for their second one-on-one showdown, where this issue is expected to be front and center for a national audience that could easily top 90 million viewers.

Perhaps Hillary will address her own husband’s controversial past at the debate. We are not holding our breath.


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