MSNBC Guest: Response to Trump’s “P*ssy” Comments — IS RACIST!

Tara Dowdell told MSNBC’s Al Sharpton Sunday that the real reason Donald Trump’s “Access Hollywood” comments enraged America is because he said those things about a “white woman.”

Trump “has been making boorish, inappropriate, vulgar or vile comments throughout this election cycle,” the former “Apprentice” contestant stated. “Most of his comments though have been directed at people of color, communities of color, so people didn’t care as much about those comments.”

“Now that they are graphic in nature, very specific and focused on a white woman, there seems to be a lot more concern,” she continued.

“A married woman,” added Sharpton.

Dowdell stated that there is “more concern and outrage than before.”

“He always had a problem with women, which is why Kellyanne Conway was brought on to be the campaign spokesperson to begin with. I say spokesperson because I do not believe she’s running that campaign.”


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