Neighbor Leaves Scathing Note For Guy Overheard Yelling at His GF Constantly

Reddit user j1ggy recently shared a note that a neighbor had posted in the common area of where he lives. Apparently tired of falling asleep to the sounds of abuse, someone decided to let their neighbor’s “asshole” boyfriend that the walls are paper thin and everyone can hear him yelling at his girlfriend.

The note reads:

To the guy on this floor who yells at his girlfriend:

1. Everyone can hear you.

2. You sound like an asshole.

3. No one deserves to be talked to like that.

4. Stop it.


A Neighbor

Several people liked the note, turning it into a real life Facebook wall post. While another neighbor added a post-it note reading:

To the girlfriend of that asshole: You don’t need to put up with that stuff, girl.

Reddit commenters largely applauded the note, but added that more needed to be done.

“Calling the cops would be better than a passive aggressive note,” Reddit user Ouhei wrote. “Assuming it’s constant enough that they wanted to leave a note about it. No need to try to interject yourself personally, but a note isn’t going to do much and could even make things worse depending on how abusive he is. I had an upstairs neighbor a few years ago that I overheard yelling at his spouse once or twice and it didn’t seem like anything more than a jerk yelling, but one night it clearly escalated and I could hear him physically tossing her around so I called the cops. He was arrested and spent time in jail. From what I know they split up after that and she moved out a few weeks later.”

Another added:

“A letter is nice and all, but what makes you think it will change anything? Not to mention someone could, you know, have some balls and bring it up in person instead of this passive aggressiveness. I feel like that would have a better effect.”


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